I created this website as a source for first-generation students to relate with one another. I had few first-generation students like me, so whenever I made conversation with students who weren't first generation, I always felt like I was tremendously behind.

— Amira, Creator of GenU1

Created by first-generation students for first-generation students.


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Where first-generation students can connect with other first-generation students. ​From college application tips, scholarship recommendations, test-preps, letters of recommendations, and even stories from people like you. Ask questions that pertain to your situation.

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First-Gen Statistics


of students are first-generation.


"The median family income for first-generation freshmen at two- and four-year institutions was $37,565, compared to $99,635 for non-first-generation freshmen."

"Nationally, 89 percent of low-income first-generation students leave college within six years without a degree." 

of first-gen's attend a two-year college.


No Clue On Where to Start for College Applications?

Together, we can beat the odds of first-generation students. First-generation students lack knowledge of the "hidden curriculum" in the college system, which can lead to some first-generation students feeling lost. 

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