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Do i have to be first-generation to post?

Sometimes, being a first-generation student (or soon-to-be-college-student) can be a turbulent time. No one seems to tell you the in's and out's of college. It becomes particularly tough to navigate the college admissions process when there is no one to turn to. Schools can be overpopulated, giving less time for individualized attention. FAFSA, CommonApp, and Ivy Leagues are unfamiliar to you. 

It can be incredibly isolating.

Hello! My name is Amira and I created GenU1 after not being able to attend my dream school due to financial issues. I wish someone could've told me what to avoid when I was applying to colleges, but because I knew a very limited amount, I ended up having to delay my schooling for a year. 

College should be accessible to everyone. No student should have to fall behind in the college admissions process due to the sole fact that they are a first generation student. We are here to create a conversation between first-generation students around the country to combat this. It is integral to build a support system, to remind ourselves that higher education is for us too.

A first generation student is typically defined by being the first person in your family to attend college. This means that both parents have not graduated from a four-year degree granting institution. This can also include students with parents who have an associates degree, one parent with an associates degree, parents who have attempted college but did not finish, parents who completed a non-four-year degree in another country, parents who went to technical school, or parents who did go to a four-year college but passed away and were not present for more than half your life. 

If your parents went to a four-year university from anywhere (nationally or globally) and graduated, you are not considered first-generation.

The definition is dependent on your parents, so if your sibling went to university, you are still first-generation.

No, you do not have to be first-generation to post on here!

First-generation students are encouraged to post on here and so are non-first generation students! It is crucial for first-generation students to garner support for their journey to college admissions. Having non-first generation students share their advice with students who don't have the mentors at home to assist them is tremendously valuable.