Mentors are members of GenU1 that review your application for free, to make sure no steps are missing and everything is polished and ready to submit.



What are mentors?

Mentors are first-generation students who completed their application process and know the tricks of the trade. Mentors are available for students who need more individualized time due to a lack of leadership or students who want a second pair of eyes.

How can I get a mentor?

You are matched to a mentor after you submit a form. Afterward, you and your mentor can discuss your course of action all according to your own personal plan. Your mentor will be checking up on your progress every few weeks (if requested). Your mentor can also be requested as one-time-only, to review all application materials you have prepared. All contact will be done via email, so don't forget to check often! This is completely free.

How can I volunteer to be a mentor?

We are always looking for volunteers to help guide other first-generation students.

The ideal mentor is:

  • A first-generation student 

  • A student currently enrolled in an accredited college

  • Someone who can be consistent in responding in a timely manner to their mentee

  • Looking for a volunteer opportunity 

  • Is knowledgable about the college application process